16 fire units just called to Lakewest Condominiums

Lakewest-Fire-call 16 fire units just called to Lakewest Condominiums
Lakewest Condominiums

Sixteen fire units were dispatched to a “Fire in Building” call today at 12:41pm .  Lakewest Condominiums are the recently redone condominiums that run along the west side of Westlake Ave N in the 2100 block.  The exact address of the call was 2125 which is one of the buildings that have “flats” versus the three buildings on the north side of the complex which have townhomes (these were painted bright colors after the “redo”) . All but two trucks were released immediately.  I went down to take a peek.  I didn’t want to get in the way but things looked calm when I snapped this shot.  Since I lived at Lakewest for many years, I was familiar with the two doors that I saw them entering and exiting from.  Both doors lead to the garage so I think that must be where the source was for the call.   I’m glad to see them react so quickly and with such a large contingent!

As an aside, there is a very large townhome-style condominium for sale for $669,000 here.  It has it’s own attached, private 2-car garage and it’s in a great location between Fremont and South Lake Union.  Right across the street from Lake Union!  1,764 square feet!  Let me know if you’d like to get in to see it!

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