Who gets to play in the snow and who has to go to work this winter?

If you listen to the forecasters we are supposed to have the “worst winter in 50 years”.  The SDOT has released it’s snow removal plan for the winter and I wanted to share.  Around Lake Union it looks like those of us that live on or close to Aurora or Fremont Avenue will be driving on “bare and wet clear” roads.  Westlake, Eastlake, Mercer (I can’t believe that), Taylor and Dexter will be “one lane each direction bare and wet”.  Everybody else (including me) will get to stay home with the excuse that we can’t get up or down the hills…woo-hoo!   Here’s the map:


Here’s the link for the rest of the city:http://bit.ly/SeattleSnowRoutes+


I don’t get off that easy…I’m the one that helps shovel the sidewalks and stairs at my condominium complex.  But my favorite pastime is to walk in the snow if I get a snowday.  Hope to see you out walking around.  Say hi if you see me! 




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