Join the Museum of History and Industry in  South Lake Union on Friday, June 3 at 5:00 pm for all the flappers, flagons and fancy shoes you can take. They are quietly re-vamping five of your favorite bars and sending everyone back to a time when Seattle really knew how to party, the Roaring Twenties. Participating bars and restaurants include Daniel’s, re:public, Serious Pie II, Soul Wine, Bad Monkey Bistro, Brave Horse Tavern and Cuoco.

Everyone receives a passport at the door of the first bar. Get stamps at each bar you visit.

Participating Bars

Daniel’s Broiler

Daniel’s Broiler is a Seattle institution for their quality food, drinks and overall swell atmosphere, which makes them a perfect host for the MOHAI Crawl. Whisper the secret password, “MOHAI” for a special-priced 1926 gin cocktail,The Southside. 1926 is also the year Bertha K. Landes was elected the first female mayor of a major city. Go Seattle! But be careful – she supports the prohibition, so quench quietly!

Bad Monkey Bistro

Bad Monkey Bistro is known for their large assortment of alcohol and tonight they celebrate a splifficated special: the French 75 a champagne and gin cocktail so intense and delicious, it’s said to have caused half the swanky ‘staches from the 1920s. Just ask E.B. White, author of Charlottes Web, and his mustache. Oh and when ordering, speak the password, “MOHAI” for a special price.


Flappers get a wiggle on anywhere nightclub kingpin Doc Hamilton frequents, so expect to see them at the ritzed up re:public bar & restaurant the night of the MOHAI Crawl. Doc loves when his friends have a good time, so he wanted to share the secret password for a special price on the classic Manhattan cocktail. It’s also “MOHAI”, but thats because hes too busy running a slew of Juice Joints to think of a new password.

Brave Horse TavernCuoco

Nate Druxman has made a career promoting boxing matches, and when there isn’t a “smoker” going on that evening you can find him playing shuffleboard at the lively Brave Horse Tavern or relaxing at Cuoco. The secret password “MOHAI” gets you a special-priced Boilermaker at Brave Horse and an Italian 75 at Cuoco. Be sure to pay your respects to the hooch suppliers, bootlegging King and Queen: Roy and Elise Olmstead.

Serious Pie II

Wong Tsu immigrated to Seattle from China for two reasons: to design the first aircraft for Boeing and to enjoy the amazing food at Serious Pie II. He and his keen friends like to pair their pizza with the delicious champagne cocktail, Cocktail 1916. And if that’s not spiffy enough, tell the bartender the unique and secret password, “MOHAI” and you’ll get a discount. What a Lucky Lindy you are!

About the Stamps

Each speakeasy you enter on the MOHAI Crawl will have a unique stamp for you to collect below. Get at least one stamp to earn yourself a free membership to MOHAI. All you have to do is take a picture of your stamps and upload them to or send them Happy stamping!

Text MOHAI to 313131

To receive specials on drinks, tips about the night and interesting facts about Seattles history, text MOHAI to 313131.

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