6 Financial Reasons to Buy a Home Now!

real-estate-blog-post-819x1024 6 Financial Reasons to Buy a Home Now!

There are definitely more than 6 reasons to buy a home, rather than renting!

Think about this: right now, Seattle is the 10th most expensive rental market in the US.

As a homeowner you will have the ability to make all the changes your heart desires, and many of these improvements will increase the value of your home! Let’s not forget about tax deductions; the chief tax benefit of home-ownership is the ability to deduct mortgage interest payments, but the perks don’t stop there. Homeowners can also deduct eligible expenses (certain energy-efficient improvements, for example) and in some cases can avoid federal taxes on earnings from the sale of a home. Another benefit, is that fixed mortgages don’t go up, unlike rent. Also, who doesn’t want to be their own landlord? Renters can face an unexpected eviction notice if their landlord suddenly decides to sell the home, rent to someone else, or otherwise end the lease. Now you can be the landlord, and rent out that extra room, for a little pocket money.

Contact me today if you are interested in buying or selling a home!

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