Ballard Locks to be Closed to Marine Traffic 3/14 – 3/25

ballard-locks-300x300 Ballard Locks to be Closed to Marine Traffic 3/14 - 3/25

Just a quick note that the small lock in Hiram M. Chittenden (Ballard) Locks will be closed to marine traffic next week!  It will start at noon on Monday 3/14 through 5pm on Friday 3/25. They will be conducting maintenance and safety inspections during this time.  Foot traffic won’t be affected and the large lock will continue operations for marine vessels.  The staff and crew at the locks are attempting to get commercial traffic through as quickly as possible as they have priority.  Pleasure boaters will use the large lock and boaters should be prepared with appropriate equipment and crew.  That means a minimum of 2 50’  lines with an eye at least 12 inches in diameter on one end as well as an adequate number of fenders for both sides of your vessel as you will be much more likely to raft off another boat in the large locks than the small.  The need for the 50’ lines are because the large lock does not have a sliding wall like the small lock does.  There may be delays so please plan for that.  It’s not like they want to run the large lock for just a boat or two so they will probably wait for a larger number of boats.  Pay attention to the lock attendants and you’ll be fine!

The planned closure is to inspect and repair the machinery and equipment which is original and 99 years old!

NOTE:  Kayakers are not allowed in the large lock

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