Bartell Drugs – Welcome back to South Lake Union!

2-20-2013-2-28-19-PM Bartell Drugs - Welcome back to South Lake Union!

I read today that Bartell Drugs is coming to SLU! That is great news as we don’t have any stores to go get prescriptions refilled, pick up a snack or to get photos developed!  If you live or work in South Lake Union, I’m sure you’ve had to venture out of the neighborhood to do those things! Venture no more! Bartell Drugs will be opening it’s 59th store on the corner of Terry Ave and Mercer St, on the ground floor of Amazon’s headquarters.

The 11,600 square-foot location will include a full-service pharmacy, expanded organic and locally sourced products such as pro-biotics and supplements, natural cosmetics and hair coloring, cold remedies, and other healthy living must-haves.

The new store, is actually a “return” for Bartell Drugs. In 1914, founder George Bartell, Sr. originally established Bartell Drugs on Boren Ave! It included a candy factory and photo processing lab. It served as the companies headquarters until 1985!

Welcome Home Bartell Drugs!

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