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Christmas Ships on Lake Union!

I would like to make sure that all of my Lake Union friends have the chance to view the Christmas Ship Parade this year! Please see the schedule below!  Happy Holidays!
LU-NEWSLETTER-CHRISTMAS-SHIPS-2012 Christmas Ships on Lake Union!


11/24 Lake Union Park, MOHAI (SLU) Seattle Yacht Club The Dickens Carolers
11/25 Lake Union Park, Seattle Tennis Club, Parkshore Retirement Home Voices Northwest
11/30 Leschi Marina, Gene Coulon, Newport Yacht Club Voices Northwest
12/1 Kirkland City Dock, Kirkland Marina Park, Gasworks Park The Dickens Carolers
12/2 Leschi Marina, Ferdinand Street Park, Stan Sayres Memorial Park, Mt. Baker Beach Park The Dickens Carolers
12/4 Edmonds, Edmonds Fishing Pier, Richmond Beach Shorewood High School Choir – After Hours
12/5 Des Moines, Browns Point, Redondo Beach Rainier Youth Choir – Consonare
12/6 Tacoma, Glass Museum, Gig Harbor Federal Way Harmony Kings
12/7 Pier 55, Manchester City Park, Don Armeni The Dickens Carolers
12/8 (1st sailing) Pier 55, Lowman Beach Park, Alki Beach Park The Dickens Carolers
12/8 (2nd sailing) Pier 55, Winslow Waterfront beach, Seattle Aquarium The Dickens Carolers
12/9 Shilshole, Carkeek Park, Blue Ridge The Dickens Carolers
12/11 Leschi Marina, Pritchard Beach Park, Seward Park Kirkland Choral Society
12/12 Leschi Marina, Mercer Island Beach Club, Newcastle Beach Park Jazz, Etc
12/13 Kirkland City Dock, O.O. Denny Park,  Laurelhurst Beach Club Choir of the Sound
12/14 Kirkland City Dock, Carillon Point, Maydenbauer Bay Master Chorus Eastside
12/15 (1st Sailing) Kirkland City Dock, Medina, Houghton Beach The Dickens Carolers
12/15 (2nd Sailing) Kirkland City Dock, Sheridan Beach Club, Matthews Beach Park The Dickens Carolers
12/16 Kirkland City Dock, Log Boom Park, Juanita Beach Park The Dickens Carolers
12/17 Poulsbo Marina. Keyport, Lemolo North Kitsap Northern Lights
12/18 Shilshole, Hiram M Chittenden Locks, Golden Gardens Park The Dickens Carolers
12/19 Des Moines Marina,  Dashpoint Tahoma Valley Youth Chorus – Cantabile
12/20 Kirkland City Dock, Covenant Shores, Luther Burbank The Dickens Carolers
12/21 Kirkland City Dock, Lake Forest Civic Club, Magnuson Beach Park The Dickens Carolers
12/22 (1st Sailing) Kirkland City Dock, Kirkland Marina Park, Madison Park The Dickens Carolers
12/22 (2nd Sailing) Kirkland City Dock, Beaux Arts, Madrona Beach Park The Dickens Carolers
12/23 (1st Sailing) Kirkland City Dock, Yarrow Point Park, Waverly Beach Park The Dickens Carolers
12/23 (2nd sailing) Kirkland City Dock, Portage Bay, Gasworks Park Grand Finale Seattle Girls Choir – Prime Voci

Undecorating The Way Home

The-Way-Home-at-Coulon-300x225 Undecorating The Way Home
The Way Home in the 2009 Christmas Boat Parade (photo courtesy of Stephan Hochhalter)

It’s the evening of January 3, 2010.   Everyone is ready to officially start the “business” side of the new year tomorrow morning.  Myself, I’ve been working and having a great time for the last few days.  But tomorrow is the drop-dead date of “being done with the holidays” for most.  I have one HUGE problem with that.  My boat, The Way Home, is sitting down at Marina Mart with ALL of it’s decorations still on.  This year it took 36 “man”-hours to decorate.  I’m feeling a bit guilty about her sitting down there with everybody going by and laughing.  I’ll feel guiltier at the end of January when I STILL won’t have it done.  I have plenty of people that volunteer to decorate it the day after Thanksgiving (The Christmas Boat Parade actually has started a bit early the last few years).  It’s great, I tell everybody that if they want a guaranteed seat on the boat for the finale on December 23rd off of Gasworks Park.  All they have to do is show up, decorate the boat and get fed my fabulous chili and cornbread.  My friends Linda Aaron, Christine Fields and Cary Gould are my faithful.  Others come and go but I always have enough to make it bearable and get done before sundown as it gets mighty cold after the sun sinks below Queen Anne.  I’m just not sure what the motivation is to get them to come back to take it off and store it for another year.  Heck, I can’t even motivate myself to do it.