Condominium Active Listings by Year – King County

51949_125201420857PM57601-300x288 Condominium Active Listings by Year - King CountyWe just put this chart together that sometimes makes my eyes cross but it IS interesting to see what the inventory of King County Condominiums has been since 2006.  It certainly has decreased dramatically since 2008…no wonder prices have started to rise with so little supply and so much demand.  You can also see the seasonal impact on inventory which can affect the supply and demand pricing scenario as well.  Some sellers feel they should wait until Spring to sell because that’s when the rhododendrons are blooming and the sun is out but quite honestly you will just be competing with more homes on the market.  I feel it has to be done on a case-by-case basis and recommend you talk to your agent right now to decide a date based on your community. If he or she says there is nothing on the market right now that would be competitive, maybe now is the time to pull the trigger and get multiple offers!  More stats being posted tomorrow!

If I can help, please let me know.  If it’s something I can handle, I will.  If it’s another part of the state or somewhere else in the United States, I’ll find the best agent possible for you!

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