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Enter to win 2 tickets to the 2016 Seattle Floating Home Tour!!

It only happens once ever 2 years and it is always sold out!

This years Tour will give visitors the unique chance to visit and discover the colorful history of 13 floating homes hidden along the seldom visited banks of Portage Bay.

Unlike tours of the past where you get to explore the homes surrounding all the hustle and bustle of Lake Union, the 2016 tour will offer a limited number of guests a once in a lifetime chance to visit the seldom seen Floating Homes along the hidden and tranquil banks of Portage Bay.  The tour will offer a unique mix of old and new architecture with a history all their own. It will be a chance to experience part of Seattle’s Floating Home culture and why, as one of Seattle’s unique jewels, it sets Seattle apart for other cities in the world.

You will come away with an appreciation of why Seattle’s Floating Home owners cherish their lifestyle and why they have become known as the  Stewards of Lake as they protect the nature and animal habitat, the docks, homes and surrounding foliage the owners care and provide.  Nowhere else in the world do you find the kind coexistence of wildlife and city life blending so harmoniously. We look forward to having you as our guest!

Tour details:

DATE: 9/11/2016 Starting at 12:00 noon

The tour features 13 homes exclusively in Portage Bay, as well as a peek into the University drawbridge house! Admission price includes bus shuttle transportation between the Queen City Yacht Club and Pocock Rowing Center. This is a self-guided WALKING tour. This year, the tour includes many sets of stairs and uneven docks. The tour is not recommended for anyone who has any walking impairments due to the excessive stairways and erratic surface of the docks. Please wear comfortable walking shoes. Participants will be required to remove their shoes or put on paper slippers over their shoes; slippers will be provided. No backpacks, strollers, food or drinks are allowed in the homes. The tour will take place rain or shine, and participants of all ages will be required to have a ticket, with the exception of babies in arms. Food and coffee will be available for purchase.