Flying Fish seen in Lake Union?

Flying-Fish-Map-266x300 Flying Fish seen in Lake Union?
Flying Fish sighted (sited) in Lake Union!!!

I have several memories of flying fish.  My favorite is sitting on my verandah on a cruise ship in the Carribean on one of those incredible evenings all dressed up and having a glass of champagne before going to dinner.  I actually thought I might have already had too much champagne (although I had just taken a few sips) when I first saw fish flying.  I guess I had heard of them but didn’t really know they existed.  It was the most incredible moment.  You know what I’m talking about.  One of just a few that all you have to do is close your eyes and remember and you are there again.  Just me, the flying fish and the smell and sound of the Carribean. Another time was on a small “ferry” in the US Virgin Islands.  It was daytime and not quite as magical.  The third and subsequent ones were at the Pike Place market where I take every out-of-town visitor and although entertaining to watch the fish mongers throw the fish to each other, not magical.

However, I digress (once again).  The Flying Fish I’m speaking of in Lake Union is the restaurant!  It’s chef/owner Christine Keff is moving to the new location in May in the Westlake/Terry building and the Belltown location will be closing at that time.  I’m sorry for Belltown but excited for us to have this self-described neighborhood bistro in our neighborhood!  We’ve had some really fun restaurants moving into the area and this will be a great addition!  There’s a fabulous menu of fresh fish and they even offer a cooking class experience at a fair price:

Flying-Fish-Class2 Flying Fish seen in Lake Union?

I haven’t tried the classes but now that it’s in my neck of the woods, I think I’ll be partaking in that as well!  I do like the variety that satisfies the different palates (from buttermilk fried chicken to duck breast to fish you’ve never even heard of) and the serving sizes that satisfies the different occasions.  They have small plates for tasting a little of everything, entree size plates or platters to share! We’ll have to wait a few months but anticipation is half the fun.  If you can’t wait, they can be found at 1st and Bell until May!  


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