Giants to invade South Lake Union

Block-approved-for-new-height-restrictions1-300x238 Giants to invade South Lake Union
Block Approved for New Height Restrictions


I’ve been reading a lot today on the height restriction that was raised from 65 feet to 120 feet for three bio-tech buildings in South Lake Union.  The block is bordered by Dexter, Mercer, 8th and Republican.  There is quite the controversy over this new council approval.   Many want the neighborhood to stay as it is.  Other are excited about the changes happening.  One comment wanted to know if this will affect the sea planes.  I’ve been following this development of South Lake Union and belong to some organizations that have allowed me to be able to sit in on many presentations explaining the plans for this area.  I do know that last I heard, Vulcan (Paul Allen’s real estate company that owns about 60% of the land in South Lake Union) was working hand in hand with Kenmore Air to allow the expansion of these taller bio-tech and residential buildings and yet keep our sea planes flying!  One commented that the sea planes should be the least of our concerns and perhaps there are other issues more pressing but I for one would be very upset if they took my sea planes away.  I feel they are as “Seattle” as Pike Place Market and the Space Needle.  One concern was if it would block the view of the Space Needle from I-5.  They were told that since both the Space Needle base and I-5 were elevated that we were not to worry.  I also read that bio-tech firms need these taller stories for their business.  I thought that was an interesting fact but couldn’t quite figure out why.  I’ll be researching that further or it will drive me nuts.  Or, I could ask my broker, John Deely.  He knows everything!  But that’s a whole other blog.  I’m going to head down to this block and see if I can imagine the height.  Supposedly it will take seven years until we will be blessed with their presence.  I’m sorry for the people that don’t want the change.  I’m struggling a bit with it myself but part of living in the city is the changes that take place.  Can you imagine the changes our senior citizens have seen since they were young?

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  1. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I’ve heard from lots of Lake Union home owners who are worried that the views from their homes may be blocked by the construction. This could affect real estate prices, although the influx of local jobs would be a positive effect for the S. Lake Union neighborhood.

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