It’s almost Hot Tub Time!

P21502231 It's almost Hot Tub Time!


According to Q13 Fox news a new and luxurious kind of vessel will soon be visible on the waters of Lake Union. It’s called a hot tub boat, and is exactly what its name sounds like.

Hot Tub Boats, a Seattle-area startup, has built hot tubs into fully navigable wooden boats, and intends to rent them out for pleasure cruises (soaks?) on Lake Union. The company, which recently had its maiden voyage, hopes to open its doors by May.

According to the company website’s FAQs, Hot Tub Boats will also be for sale. And when Husky Stadium opens up again in 2013, they will be available for an entirely new form of tailgating.

Certain people might be disappointed to learn that alcohol will not be allowed onboard — and that swimsuits will be mandatory.

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