Killer Whale Tales – Tonight at REI!

KillerTaleWhales Killer Whale Tales - Tonight at REI!


Follow Jeff Hogan, professional storyteller and Executive Director of Killer Whale Tales, as he uses photography, video and real orca calls to tell the story of a young boy who falls asleep one night and dreams of becoming a Southern Resident Killer Whale. Listen to how the boy follows the matriarch of J pod, and experiences the complex relationships these endangered whales share with each other and the environment around them. Waking from the dream, the boy returns to the real world with a new curiosity and the desire to make a difference. Come and learn how you too can help Washington’s endangered killer whale population. Suitable for all ages.

DATE: May 26
TIME: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
ADDRESS: 222 Yale Ave N

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