Lake Union gets it’s own Farmer’s Market

This week I was supposed to be up in the San Juans and points north on The Way Home. Alas, that didn’t work out. The reason I was going was to hit two Farmer’s Markets. My favorite, which I was supposed to be at last Saturday, I call the most expensive Farmer’s Market as it’s up in British Columbia on Salt Spring Island also known as “island of the arts” . They have a fabulous market that is guaranteed that you have to have baked it, made it or grown it. I call it the most expensive and you would too if you had to pay the gas bill to get the boat up there! It’s very affordable other than that little fact. Back in the olden days, goods for the farmer’s markets from island producers were delivered by boats as there weren’t roads and highways back then.

Well, Lake Union, get ready for the olden days. A new organization appropriately named Farmboat are here to bring back the joy of being able to buy fresh, local goods straight off the boat! On Wednesdays in October they are “testing” the idea by sponsoring several wooden boats (in keeping with the theme) at the Lake Union Park from noon to 7 pm for our own Farmer’s Market!!!

I’m really, really hoping that we all support this effort. As you can tell, I’m a huge Farmer’s Market fan, love supporting local farmers and artisans and would love to see this as a regular event. I hope to see you there because I sure will be! Pass the word. Let’s help make this “test” get an A+!!!

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