Mercer Mess could turn into Mercer Mayhem!



NWCN reported that in two weeks, if weather cooperates, drivers that use Mercer Street for their commute will notice BIG changes!  Look for traffic to be shifted onto newly completed lanes allowing the next phase to begin!

A City News Release outlines the changes:  “To complete the changeover the Interstate 5 on and off ramps at Mercer will have to close. The full weekend closure is expected to happen on January 13th through the 16th. Bad weather could postpone the work.

On January 16, Stage 2 of the Mercer East Project will begin and eastbound traffic on Mercer St. will be re-routed onto the new Mercer St. lanes north of the existing lanes. Three lanes of traffic will continue eastbound on Mercer St. with access to the I-5 on-ramps and Fairview Ave. N.

This traffic shift will result in access restrictions to Mercer St. from the south, as access to Mercer St. via Boren, Terry, and Westlake Avenues will be concurrently closed at Republican St. Alternate routes should be used to reach Eastlake Ave. E and Capitol Hill (i.e. Dexter Ave. N to Republican St.).

Director of the project, Angela Brady of the Seattle Department of Transportation says, “It is going to be rough.” The first few days after the switch will have commuters searching for the easiest way to navigate out of South Lake Union.

Pedestrian and Bike paths will still flow north out of the area, but no cars or trucks.

The entire project is scheduled to wrap up late this year, and these traffic revisions will remain in place until then.”


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