Seattle considering Off Leash dog-parks in South Lake Union

dog-parks Seattle considering Off Leash dog-parks in South Lake Union

According to Northwest Cable News the City of Seattle is condiering more off-leash dog parks in South Lake Union!

Hundreds of new housing developments and commercial buildings are dog-friendly including businesses like Amazon! Amazon let’s employees bring their dogs to work.   Seattle Parks & Rec estimate that there are nearly 1,000 more dogs either living or working in South Lake Union!

To fill the void of no off leash areas, the city is searching for a temporary spot while it looks for a permanent location. Three areas are up for consideration:

Cascade Park. There’s part of this field would be fenced off, but there’s some competing interests with a kick-ball league.

South Lake Union Park. This location would not be fenced in. Dogs could only run off-leash during certain times of the day.

Denny Park. There’s a grassy patch that would be fenced in which some park users aren’t to keen on. Some worry the dogs will tear up the park’s landscape, especially at Denny Park.

Park commissioners will make their recommendation Thursday to the superintendent, who is expected to make a final decision of a temporary off-leash area.

South Lake Union isn’t the only Seattle neighborhood looking for off-leash options. Queen Anne, Magnolia and Beacon Hill neighborhoods have off-leash projects underway slated to open next year.

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