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UPCOMING EVENT Around Lake Union: Herbalism Classes in the Park

Cascade Playground: Herbalism Classes in the Park

Name: Cascade Playground: Herbalism Classes in the Park
Date: June 27, 2018
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT
EventPhotoFull_Herbalism UPCOMING EVENT Around Lake Union: Herbalism Classes in the Park
Event Description:

Join Moonlight Medicine for three free herbalism workshops in Cascade Playground!

Wednesday, June 27th – Herbs for Immune System
Herbal medicine is amazing for boosting the immune system and warding off the common cold, flu and allergies. Herbs to boost the immune system could include common things you have growing in your garden like Rosemary, Thyme and Sage! In this class you’ll learn about a handful of herbs you can use and you’ll make a medicinal vinegar to take home with you. No herbal experience necessary.

Cascade Playground
333 Pontius Ave N.
Date/Time Information:
Wednesday, June 27
5 – 7 PM

Client Appreciation Event!

Please join me for my client appreciation event on Saturday May 20th, 2017!

Who: YOU! That’s who!

What: Client Appreciation- Bring your old electronics and any documents you would like to have securely shredded! Dante’s Hot Dogs will be provided, and free parking is available! Stop by and say HI!

When: Saturday May 20th, 2017 10:00AM- 1:00PM

Where: 1200 Westlake Avenue North, Seattle WA 98109 Parking Validated in the lower paid lot!

Why: Because I love my clients!


recycle Client Appreciation Event!

Uwajimaya is coming to South Lake Union with Kai Market

2016-09-02_12-12-30-1024x813 Uwajimaya is coming to South Lake Union with Kai Market

Looks like South Lake Union is going to get a new market! Uwajimaya is going to open a smaller market, that will focus on fresh seafood and authentic Asian flavors!

This boutique specialty food store will feature local and international products, as well as graband-go bites inspired by the sea. The store will boast a live tank teeming with crab, lobster and oysters, in addition to a master fishmonger to assist with the selection of the perfect fillet or sashimi cut. Construction on Kai Market at 400 Fairview is scheduled to begin this fall and is expected to be open to the public in early 2017.

“Kai Market is about options. The lunch crowd can stop in for a hand-crafted bento box in the dining area, while the after-work crowd can take home fresh seafood and a carefully curated selection of quality Asian products for which Uwajimaya is known,” said Denise Moriguchi, President of Uwajimaya Inc. “We were excited to try something new and loved the idea of a store with a smaller, more intimate footprint in a growing, vibrant neighborhood like South Lake Union.”



Body found in South Lake Union area

So the facts are really sketchy right now but I’m reading on different news sites such as KOMO and Seattle Times that a body of a man was found early this morning in a construction zone around 1000 Valley St. That is right around the entrance to the Reserve Center driveway. The first reports said that the police got a call of “shots fired” about midnight but they found nothing even though they questioned people at a private party nearby. Apparently, a passerby saw a man that was “unresponsive” and called the police around 3 am. They declared him dead upon their arrival. Currently no description, identity or details are being released but I did hear that it is being considered a homicide.

It’s like Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale for boaters :)


Boat-Show It's like Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale for boaters :)

I don’t remember what the commercial was for but do you remember the one where the women is standing outside a store saying “Open, open, open”?  Well, I’ve been sitting on the west side of Lake Union gazing over the the southeast side of the lake saying the same thing.  And it’s almost here!!!  I can almost hear the song in my head “The boat show, the boat show, the big Seattle boat show”  Can you hear it?  Monday, February 1st is a day made especially for me and any other women boaters as we get in free and there are classes just for us!  I’ve usually just gone to the South Lake Union show but this year I’m going to take a day and head over to the Qwest Field show as well.  I’m especially looking forward to the Boat Art Gallery there.  They have art, jewelry, paintings and photos. There are too many contests to mention but a few are a boat, trips galore, haulouts, lessons, etc.  There are classes all day long and the popular ones repeat.  They even have a happy hour!  You can get a free appetizer at Daniel’s Broiler, Chandler’s Crabhouse and Joey’s if you show them your wristband for admission or hand-stamp.  I’m on a quest for a small engine for my dinghy.  I’m tired of rowing Cuddles into shore to do her business when we are anchored out at Andrews Bay (aka Cocktail Cove).   Do you think the Boat Show has a personal shopper for me like Nordstrom?  She could get them all picked out for me and then I just walk in and pick!  Here’s the details and below is the link to the website.  Have fun and say hi if you see me wondering around the show.  I’m the one with the cap that says “The Way Home”!

Boat-Show-Details It's like Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale for boaters :)


Flying Fish seen in Lake Union?

Flying-Fish-Map-266x300 Flying Fish seen in Lake Union?
Flying Fish sighted (sited) in Lake Union!!!

I have several memories of flying fish.  My favorite is sitting on my verandah on a cruise ship in the Carribean on one of those incredible evenings all dressed up and having a glass of champagne before going to dinner.  I actually thought I might have already had too much champagne (although I had just taken a few sips) when I first saw fish flying.  I guess I had heard of them but didn’t really know they existed.  It was the most incredible moment.  You know what I’m talking about.  One of just a few that all you have to do is close your eyes and remember and you are there again.  Just me, the flying fish and the smell and sound of the Carribean. Another time was on a small “ferry” in the US Virgin Islands.  It was daytime and not quite as magical.  The third and subsequent ones were at the Pike Place market where I take every out-of-town visitor and although entertaining to watch the fish mongers throw the fish to each other, not magical.

However, I digress (once again).  The Flying Fish I’m speaking of in Lake Union is the restaurant!  It’s chef/owner Christine Keff is moving to the new location in May in the Westlake/Terry building and the Belltown location will be closing at that time.  I’m sorry for Belltown but excited for us to have this self-described neighborhood bistro in our neighborhood!  We’ve had some really fun restaurants moving into the area and this will be a great addition!  There’s a fabulous menu of fresh fish and they even offer a cooking class experience at a fair price:

Flying-Fish-Class2 Flying Fish seen in Lake Union?

I haven’t tried the classes but now that it’s in my neck of the woods, I think I’ll be partaking in that as well!  I do like the variety that satisfies the different palates (from buttermilk fried chicken to duck breast to fish you’ve never even heard of) and the serving sizes that satisfies the different occasions.  They have small plates for tasting a little of everything, entree size plates or platters to share! We’ll have to wait a few months but anticipation is half the fun.  If you can’t wait, they can be found at 1st and Bell until May!  


Giants to invade South Lake Union

Block-approved-for-new-height-restrictions1-300x238 Giants to invade South Lake Union
Block Approved for New Height Restrictions


I’ve been reading a lot today on the height restriction that was raised from 65 feet to 120 feet for three bio-tech buildings in South Lake Union.  The block is bordered by Dexter, Mercer, 8th and Republican.  There is quite the controversy over this new council approval.   Many want the neighborhood to stay as it is.  Other are excited about the changes happening.  One comment wanted to know if this will affect the sea planes.  I’ve been following this development of South Lake Union and belong to some organizations that have allowed me to be able to sit in on many presentations explaining the plans for this area.  I do know that last I heard, Vulcan (Paul Allen’s real estate company that owns about 60% of the land in South Lake Union) was working hand in hand with Kenmore Air to allow the expansion of these taller bio-tech and residential buildings and yet keep our sea planes flying!  One commented that the sea planes should be the least of our concerns and perhaps there are other issues more pressing but I for one would be very upset if they took my sea planes away.  I feel they are as “Seattle” as Pike Place Market and the Space Needle.  One concern was if it would block the view of the Space Needle from I-5.  They were told that since both the Space Needle base and I-5 were elevated that we were not to worry.  I also read that bio-tech firms need these taller stories for their business.  I thought that was an interesting fact but couldn’t quite figure out why.  I’ll be researching that further or it will drive me nuts.  Or, I could ask my broker, John Deely.  He knows everything!  But that’s a whole other blog.  I’m going to head down to this block and see if I can imagine the height.  Supposedly it will take seven years until we will be blessed with their presence.  I’m sorry for the people that don’t want the change.  I’m struggling a bit with it myself but part of living in the city is the changes that take place.  Can you imagine the changes our senior citizens have seen since they were young?

Why not mine?

AGC-with-needle-300x200 Why not mine?
AGC Building on Lake Union – 1200 Westlake Ave N Photo courtesy of Linda Aaron

Today I was thinking about what inspiration I could write about tonight. Since my blog last night was about a business around Lake Union, I thought I might highlight another one.  So, guess what?  I’m going to tell you about my company, Coldwell Banker Bain and our office on Lake Union.  I’m pretty proud of my company.  Well I don’t own it, but I do feel like it’s my company.  Kind of like I feel Lake Union is my lake 🙂

Coldwell Banker Bain’s Lake Union office, located at the south end of Lake Union in the AGC building, opened in 1972 as William A. Bain Associates.  From the beginning, the focus of the company was to market Seattle’s finer homes.  When Coldwell Banker decided to enter the Seattle market, they wanted a company that had the same business model as they did across the United States… an emphasis of luxury homes.  They felt it was a good match and Coldwell Banker Bain Associates was born.  Based on the fact that single office on Lake Union has now grown to a company with 22 offices throughout Puget Sound I’d say it was a match made in heaven.   William A. Bain has since retired.  I was privileged enough to work at the office while Mr. Bain (yes, I call him that to this day) was still in the office.  Because I can’t think of a better way to put it I’ll just say he is one class act and has been an incredible inspiration to me.   His office is now a conference room that I still call Mr. Bain’s office where I meet with clients.  I make sure that I sit with my back to the window so my clients can face me yet still enjoy the views of the lake.   Just between you and me there is an interior window that I face so I can watch all of the reflections of the boats and planes but my clients don’t know it.  The company still has a single owner, William (Bill) Riss, who has continued the legacy established over a quarter of a century ago.   Our Managing Broker at the Lake Union office is John Deely who is known as a leader throughout the industry in the Puget Sound area and a great leader/mentor to me.  People often kid me saying the reason I chose this office is because of the views.  However, it’s because of the solid leadership and strong community involvement (Habitat for Humanity, adopting families at Christmas, rehabing unused/unwanted musical instruments and distributing them back out into the schools in need, delivering food to the needy, Toys for Tots and my favorite, Dress for Success that accepts donations of interview appropriate clothing for low-income women trying to get employment. 

John-Deely Why not mine?
John Deely, Managing Broker Coldwell Banker - Lake Union Office