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mystery-person Simeon Elum
This was my first purchase of a home or any sort of real estate. I had a relatively short time frame to find a home and close. I wanted to close within 3 months of my arrival in Seattle because I only had a short term lease on an apartment. I didn't want to waste any more money on rent and the price of housing was increasing very quickly during that time. The other main requirement I had was, that the place had to be a quick commute to my work. I don't drive. So it had to be within walking distance or easy access to public transport. During the first week, we went through more than 50 houses on paper and Laurie was quick to tell me about issues with some of the listings that sounded too good. We visited around 20 of the houses and she knew how to quantify the uneasiness I felt on some of properties .She never pushed me to buy something I wasn't thrilled about. Even the houses I was thrilled about, she kept me from making emotional decisions by reminding me of my own requirements. We didn't find a home that was perfect during that process but she kept me updated daily about new listings. I found one that fit what I needed. Laurie was quick to get me a viewing of the place. I think it was within 24 hours of the listing. It was what I was looking for. She quickly went through her inventory and agreed that I probably would not get a better deal than this in the time frame I had. I made an offer that day. The next phase was to close as soon as possible. It was fairly smooth. We had some initial issues due to the seller being in Europe and the seller's agent being on vacation and my loan officer being on vacation. But Laurie was proactive in helping me push this through and we closed in less than a month after the offer. There were a lot of paperwork but Laurie was able to explain it to me fairly well. Through out the whole process, I never once felt like she wasn't looking out for my best interest. It has been a little over 8 months since I closed on the purchase. I still get excited telling people about the bargain I got with my purchase and I always felt guilty that I didn't write her a review earlier.

Simeon Elum July 5, 2016

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