The South Lake Union Streetcar on Reduced Schedule

South_Lake_Union_Streetcar_with_First_Tech_Credit_Union_advertising-300x200 The South Lake Union Streetcar on Reduced Schedule

Do you ride the South Lake Union Streetcar?  Have you noticed it’s not around as much as it used to be?  There is a reason for that! Through the end of the month, construction crews are overhauling how transit travels through this busy neighborhood!


Sidewalks and lane on Westlake Ave N Between Mercer and Blanchard will be temporary closed at times for construction! They will be installing signs, new sidewalks, new transit-only lanes and Bus shelters according to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

The transit upgrade is part of the Move Seattle transportation package worth $930 million! This was approved by Seattle voters back in November.  The Westlake project will extend RapidRide C to South Lake Union and SDOT says it will improve service on Metro Route 40 and for the streetcar itself.

The streetcar usually runs 6am – 9pm Monday – Thursday; 6am – 11pm Friday and Saturday, and 10am – 7pm Sunday.

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