Urban Play for Children 4-10 in South Lake Union!


children_make_urban_places_even_better Urban Play for Children 4-10 in South Lake Union!

“Urban Play” for children ages 4-10

Experience and engage in the best of Seattle’s urban places, streetscapes, and amenities. Locations will be in or around the Urban Center of South Lake Union and announced weekly along with brief descriptors.

Jump into the context with your own questions, play, and meaning making. Work with someone else, with the whole group, or alone knowing that others are near.

Commitment to attendance required. Registration and organization costs complimentary South Lake Union Families. Siblings outside age range welcome. Children must be accompanied by a caregiver.

Begin registration by sending a brief note of interest tosouthlakeunionfamiliesemail_at Urban Play for Children 4-10 in South Lake Union!gmail.com


DATE:January 8 – February 14, 2013

DAY(S): Tues, Wed, Thurs
TIME: 11:00AM – 3:00PM
FEE/COST: FREE! Registration and organization costs complementary
     EMAIL: southlakeunionfamilies@gmail.com
     LINK:   http://southlakeunionfamilies.com
     PHONE: 206-496-5216

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