Westlake Corridor Parking Updates

7-11-2014-1-23-20-PM Westlake Corridor Parking Updates
Changes Planned for July 2014
Change time limit in paid spaces south of Crockett Street from all-day (9 AM to 4 PM Monday-Friday) to a 4-hour time limit.

  • The paid spaces north of Crockett Street will remain all-day parking.
  • The $1.00/hour rate will remain the same in all paid spaces.

The 2014 changes are based on the results of the spring 2014 parking study. The 3-hour peak occupancy is above the target 70 – 85% range south of Crockett Street. This means available spaces are very hard to find. Data shows occupancy has increased this spring compared with
spring 2013.

7-11-2014-1-22-28-PM Westlake Corridor Parking Updates

  • Changing the current all-day parking (installed in 2012) to 4-hour time limits south of Crockett Street is anticipated to improve access for customers in this segment of the corridor.
  • Neighborhood businesses have expressed support for these changes to ensure more reliable parking for clients and customers.

Street Parking in Seattle: Using Data to Make Parking Management Decisions
The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) uses data to set on-street parking rates by neighborhood. The goal is to have 1 to 2 available spaces per block throughout the day. This means parking is well used, but visitors can reliably find a space near their destinations. This performance-based parking pricing program, called SeaPark, started in 2010.
SeaPark provides neighborhood visitors and shoppers convenient access to on-street parking. This program improves the parking experience by helping people find parking faster, which also means less traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.

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