What I DON’T know about Lake Union

So, as you know, I LOVE Lake Union. However, now that I’m paying more attention to it because of this blog, I’m finding out more that I DON’T know about. Number one being what the heck is going on at Gasworks Park right now as I’m writing this and it’s 9:52 pm on 9/9/10. The reason I’m quoting the date and time is because I’m looking for some help from those of you around Lake Union. It’s driving me crazy! Something to do with opera? Boats going by with “sets” for the play? White baby buggies? I’m having a deja vu because I remember something like this last year or the year before. I’ll let you know more when I learn more.

The other thing that REALLY drives me crazy I am going to find out about next Sunday no matter what. Here’s what the normal schedule is…about 9 or 10 pm on Sunday night, I’m just settling down after showing either before or after my Open House from 1-4 pm. I look out the window and act like IT’S THE VERY FIRST TIME I’ve ever seen this person at Gasworks Park twirling fire. It’s not. Now, I’m usually very tired so I don’t drive over there to check out what he/she is doing. Last Sunday there were two of them. I am vowing that I am going to go there at 10 Sunday and find out the story. I’ll let you know!

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