Who owns what?

There was a great article in the Seattle Times that I just couldn’t pass by.  It shows the who’s whose (vs. Who’s Who’s) of South Lake Union.  It’s been fun over the years to see this happening.  So much is changing and it seems like it happened so quickly but, as I am forced to think about it, the changes have happened over many years now.  I remember before the South Lake Union Discovery Center even existed and I belonged to the Seattle Condominium Network and we had Vulcan representatives speak to us about what Paul Allen was going to do.  It sounded really cool but I wasn’t sure it was really going to happen.  Then it did.  I remember listening to different groups speaking about what would happen to “Mercer Madness”.  Now I have to admit, I was really suspect of this.  But it seems to be happening.  I have a southwest corner office in the AGC building and never once did I think I’d be able to give a traffic report of Mercer from my office but I can now actually see what’s going on.  Weird!   I doubt I’ll be able to see it forever as I’m sure that the southern shores of Lake Union will morph as well.   The Lake Union Park opening this weekend with all the cool things that has to offer is just the beginning. Just waiting, I’m sure, for the height restrictions to change.   But I love change and I love what Lake Union is becoming.  I’m sure some will disagree and appreciate their opinions.   Here’s a cool link to the map: 


See what you think.  AGC-with-needle Who owns what?

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